How It Works

Revolution at the End of the Line

The Equalizer series uses a low temperature, low pressure process specially tuned to clarify the input beverage while transferring the aroma and flavors into the NA by-product.


The input is the original beer or FMB preferably after filtration.

Other Inputs

Other inputs are H2O (preferably deaerated) and CO2 (preferably lazer grade).

Output 1

A clear beverage at the input ABV stripped of color and most calories.

Output 2

A cereal beverage, with most of the flavor of the input, ready to be finished into an NA beer.

Innovative Technology

Using modern technological advancements, ABV has created a cost-effective and high-throughput process that will bring great tasting beverages to the craft industry.

Other Capabilities

  • In line carbonation is available as an option to allow to run the equalizer from kegs straight into kegs
  • Inline mixing for additive on both outputs is also an option, which can help with recipe adjustment or new recipe creation
  • Input and NA output can be remixed to create any beverage of intermediate ABV
  • Input beer should be between ABV 3.5% and 7.0%. Other input can be any FMB or ciders in the same ABV range