Where to Buy

Equipment Purchase

  • ABV technology sells the Equalizer directly to brewers and cider makers. Contact Us for more information.
  • Our technicians provide on-premise installation service and training.
  • The equipment is cloud-connected providing realtime feedback to our service crew, enabling us to rapidly implement preventive maintenance, new features and upgrades.

Processing Services

  • ABV Technology is deploying service centers around North America to allow brewers to access the technology as a service.
  • The machines are located at partner breweries under our Partnership Program, under which beer can be processed on a per bbl basis.
  • Keg to keg processing is available with inline carbonation – from one palette of kegs you get a palette of hard seltzer and/or a palette of NA beer.
  • For more information please Contact Us.

Partnership Program

  • ABV Technology is teaming up with licensed and bonded breweries to create service centers.
  • Under the partnership program ABV Technology provides special financial and service support.
  • The partner hosts an Equalizer on-premise and provides processing services to area breweries.
  • For more information please Contact Us.


  • Pricing for the Equalizer series depends on your throughput needs.
  • Our remote service has an upfront service fee and a per barrel fee.
  • For more information please Contact Us.