Equalizer Series

What it Does

  • Starting from a tank of finished and preferably filtered beer or FMB, the machine can run different scenarios creating multiple beverages out of one trusted recipe.
  • The Equalizer series filters the input beverage into a clear FMB ready for Hard Seltzer prime time while creating a flavorful NA by-product.
  • The equipment can also operate in a keg to keg configuration where the beverage is degassed if necessary and then re-carbonated inline.



Where it Fits

  • The Equalizer series is designed to process a beverage post-filtration and pre-carbonation.
  • Made of industrial grade stainless steel the machine fits well in the environment of a brewery or cidery.
  • Traditional CIP can be used between runs on the Equalizer.


  • The Equalizer series is capable of processing your beverages at rates starting at 1bbl/h.
  • The equipment runs unattended over night generating 6,000bbl of input beverage capacity per year.
  • The ABV of the input is maintained while reaching perfect clarity of the hard seltzer and creating a by-product beverage of 0.5% ABV.
  • The Equalizer series maintains the beverage at low temperature to ensure an optimum taste while processing beverages with negative Dissolved Oxygen (DO) pick up.

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